Brand Guidelines

Brand Position

Good Design
is Smart Design.

Every aspect of the FLOR brand system embodies who we are as a company and what we offer—an extraordinary design experience and gorgeous, responsibly-made custom rugs.

We help people create the foundation for a beautiful home, a beautiful life, and a beautiful planet.

Brand Position

Value Proposition

FLOR provides a uniquely rewarding design experience built firmly on our belief that care for people and the planet are essential to Good Design.

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We’re in the
business of
selling design

Design Philosophy

Good design is intentional,

and requires time, energy, and communication. It values humanity, embodies a clear vision for the future, and it builds in room for growth.

good design distills complex thoughts

into simple, honest expressions. It transforms powerful ideas into objects and experiences that can be seen, felt, remembered, and shared.

good design is the foundation for a beautiful life,

a beautiful home and a beautiful planet. In a well-designed system, nothing goes to waste. No materials are used that cannot be replaced. Each piece works in harmony with all others—it serves a purpose and can be repurposed to maintain the system’s beauty and integrity.

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Good Design
exists at the
of beauty,
function and

Brand Values

Fearless self-expression

Your home is the setting for your life’s story. FLOR gives you the freedom and flexibility to achieve your vision down to the last inch.

smart design without sacrifice

No limits, no waste, no compromise. Design by the square to create the rug that fits your space, reflects your taste, and stands up to your life.

creativity with a conscience

Beautiful home, beautiful planet. Each square is made from 100% recyclable materials. When you’re done with one, send it back.

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together, our
values make
us utterly

Core Benefits


Put it together, take it apart. Your FLOR rug will evolve alongside your life.


Modular design means you can rearrange or swap out any squares at will.


Our rugs are made with ultra durable nylon—live on your rug, not around it.


Spot cleaning is simple: Pick up the soiled square, wash, dry and replace.


Give your old squares a new life through our Return & Recycle Program.


Nontoxic and hypoallergenic, FLOR Squares are safe for you and your family.

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FLOR Squares
are as functional
as they are
smart and

Voice & Tone

Our voice is an extension of our brand.

Like our logotype, it should be distinctive, balancing a sense of play with cool confidence. We are friendly and honest, preferring simplicity to verbosity. We don’t often need to repeat ourselves.

Our tone shifts according to context.

Catalog stories can be both informative and colorful—feel free to let our personality shine through. Clever wordplay is acceptable, but let’s avoid cheesy puns. Assembly instructions, on the other hand, should be concise and easy to understand.

Our goal is to inspire positive action.

Use inclusive, 1st person pronouns (we, our, us) and direct address (you) to help build confidence and trust while empowering fans to take an active role in their design experience. We want them to feel confident in their creative abilities, proud of their purchase decisions, and excited to share their designs.

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The voice and
tone we use
are as
important as
the words
we choose

Thoughtful not pretentious

Conscientious not righteous

Perceptive not pedantic

Witty not cute or sarcastic

Honest not syrupy

Eclectic not loud

Independent not trendy

Confident never arrogant