Brand Guidelines


Capturing the Mood, Combining the Elements

FLOR’s signature photography style reflects both environmental responsibility and design sensibility. Photos feel personal and inviting, with allusions to FLOR’s focus on design as a lived experience. This is achieved through subtle desaturation, slightly less contrast, softer blacks, and an overall warm tone meant to mimic uncoated, off-white, natural paper stock.

Brand photography fits into one of four categories; photos from each work together as “swatches” that belong to a larger design process and story.



Images depict lived-in spaces and suggest personal sanctuary. They can be quiet, with subtle signs of life, or full of character and personal touches.

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Lively, candid shots show people in action. Camera angles and compositions allow FLOR rugs to set the scene for personal stories and character development. At times, the focus is pulled away from product to allow small moments of life to be front and center. Images below serve as reference.

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FLOR rugs and squares come into clear focus, absent human interaction and emphasizing quality, craft, and details, as well as the product’s pure potential. Images below serve as reference.

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Soft, textured natural imagery reflects FLOR’s environmental commitment and should be used in tandem with interior, lifestyle, and product photography.

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