Brand Guidelines

Use Cases

Bringing the Brand to Life

The FLOR brand system was intentionally built to provide a rich variety of elements—key messages and core benefits, logo variations, colors, photography, and type—that can be used in different combinations to accommodate every possible use case, including store displays, catalogs, take-home print pieces, packaging, advertisements, etc.

Use Cases

Store Exterior

Designed to introduce FLOR to visitors as well as passersby, the store exterior functions as a glimpse into the design process, incorporating diagrammatical marks, accent colors that complement inspirational imagery and in situ product images, and the tagline lock-up best suited to the space.

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Store Interior

In-store displays, such as the Sustainability wall, can include elements like an accent word set in FLOR Mono, customer-friendly messaging, featured product, and additional signage. Three-dimensional grid marks can be used as shelving for additional inspirational materials as well.

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Catalog covers can feature either the vertical Interface or tagline lock-up, depending on the audience (trade vs. consumer). In-situ product imagery, featuring seasonally-appropriate designs, should inform the undertone selected for the background fill.

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Consumer-facing print collateral and product packaging feature the FLOR logo and tagline lock-up. Introductory-level materials and creation tools (e.g., sketchbooks, Open Me First box) include the core brand yellow. Pieces shared at a deeper point of interaction (e.g., business cards, thank you cards) pull from Design and Nature undertones.

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